Legal Notices General Conditions of Carriage


5.1. General Provisions

Bookings will only be confirmed when they are recorded in the Carrier's computerised booking system. On the request of the Passenger, the Carrier shall provide a Booking confirmation.

5.2. Booking Requirements

Certain Fares may be subject to conditions that limit or exclude the possibility of modifying or cancelling Bookings.

If a Passenger has not paid for their Ticket before the specified ticketing time limit, as notified by the Carrier or its Authorised Agent, the Booking may be cancelled and the seat allocated to another Passenger, without any liability on the part of the Carrier.

5.3. Seat Allocation

The Carrier shall make reasonable efforts to meet seat allocation requests, but cannot guarantee the allocation of a given seat, even if the Booking is confirmed for said seat. The Carrier reserves the right to change the seat allocation at any time, including after boarding, due to operating, security or safety imperatives, or for reasons of Force Majeure.

5.4. The Carrier shall make reasonable efforts to meet Passengers' requirements regarding the services provided on board aircraft, in particular drinks, special meals, films, etc. However, the Carrier may not be held liable if imperatives relating to security and safety or reasons beyond the control of the Carrier do not allow it to provide suitable services, even if such services are confirmed at the time of Booking.

5.5. The type of aircraft indicated to the Passenger at the time of Ticket Booking or subsequently is stated for information purposes only. Imperatives relating to security and safety, reasons beyond the control of the Carrier or operating constraints may lead the Carrier to modify the type of aircraft, without any liability on its part.


6.1. Passengers shall provide the Carrier, or its Authorised Agent, with their personal data for the purpose of making a Booking, obtaining complementary services, facilitating immigration formalities and entering the territory of a State. This personal information given to the Carrier within the framework of concluding and implementing the Contract of Carriage may form the subject of data processing. This information is gathered and processed pursuant to modified French law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data protection.

6.2. Information provided by the Passenger is primarily used for the purposes of (i) Booking and purchase of their Ticket, (ii) provision of specific services associated with the carriage service, (iii) canvassing, retention, guidance and commercial information, and (iv) performance of statistical studies. It may also be used for the purpose of facilitating the completion of administrative formalities relating to immigration and entering a territory, preventing non-payment and combating fraud, as well as guaranteeing the security and safety of flights.

6.3. The Passenger shall be informed that any incident arising when implementing the Contract of Carriage and liable to jeopardise the security or safety of a flight may form the subject of a computer record.

The Passenger shall be informed and accepts that the provision of certain specific ancillary services (special meals, medical assistance) may lead the Carrier to record information liable to fall within the scope of Article 8 of the modified French law on data protection. This information is used solely within the framework of specific ancillary services requested by the Passenger.

6.4. The data gathered is liable to be passed on to the Carrier's, its partners' (Authorised Agents, Carriers pursuant to Article 1 above, etc.) or its ancillary service providers' authorised personnel, within the framework of fulfilling all or some of the purposes outlined above.

6.5. Pursuant to the laws and regulations applicable in France and internationally, the Carrier is also occasionally obliged to make personal data available to authorised French or foreign authorities (customs, immigration, etc.), in particular for the purpose of preventing and combating terrorism or other serious crimes.

It is stipulated that some of the recipients mentioned above may be based outside the European Union and have access to all or some of the personal data gathered by the Carrier (surname, first name, passport number, travel details, etc.), for the purpose of successful implementation of the Passenger's Contract of Carriage or due to a specific legal authorisation. Data transfers conducted outside the European Union are carried out in accordance with the conditions defined in Articles 68 et seq. of the French law on data protection.

6.6. Pursuant to the French law on data protection, the Passenger has the right to access, correct, remove or object to data relating to them. These rights can be exercised by sending a letter to the following address: Air France - Correspondant Informatique et Libertés - DB.AJ - 45 rue de Paris - 95747 ROISSY CDG Cedex.

6.7. Subject to the regulations in force, the Carrier reserves the right to use the Passenger's data under the conditions and for the purposes defined in this article.

6.8. Unless the Passenger objects either at the time at which their data is gathered or by writing to the aforementioned address, the Carrier reserves the right to use the Passenger's data or to pass it on to its partners in order to be able to send the Passenger appropriate commercial offers.

6.9. Where required by law (commercial canvassing by electronic means), the Passenger's data will only be used for canvassing purposes, in particular commercial ones, by the Carrier or its partners if the Passenger has agreed to such use when providing their personal data. The Passenger may, subsequently, object to data relating to them being used for such purposes, by sending a letter to the aforementioned address.

6.10. It is stipulated that the gathering of certain personal data is essential for Booking and establishing the Contract of Carriage. The Passenger may naturally exercise their right to object to the gathering and processing of their data, but shall be informed that this may result in cancellation of the journey or a lack of access to certain specific ancillary services requested (special meals, etc.). It is also specified that, pursuant to the laws and regulations applicable in France and internationally, a failure to provide certain data or the inaccuracy of certain data may result in a decision to deny boarding or entry into a foreign territory, without the Carrier being held liable.


7.1. The carriage of unaccompanied children, Passengers with Reduced Mobility and persons with illnesses or any other person who requires special assistance may be subject to special conditions. It is advisable for Passengers to inform the Carrier of their disability or of any need for special assistance when making their Booking. Should a request for special assistance be made following Booking or, in accordance with the applicable regulations, less than 48 hours prior to departure, the Carrier will naturally do everything in its power to fulfil the request pursuant to the applicable regulations, taking particular account of the time frame and the specific nature of the assistance requested. The special conditions relating to the carriage of people as outlined in this Article 7.1 are available from the Carrier and its Authorised Agents, on request, and on the Air France Website.

7.2. If a Passenger requires a special meal, they must enquire as to the availability thereof when making the Booking (or changing a Booking) or within the time limits published by the Carrier. Otherwise, the Carrier cannot guarantee the presence of said special meal on board the flight in question.

7.3. If a Passenger has a medical history or a specific medical condition, it is recommended that the Passenger consult a doctor before taking a flight, particularly a long-haul flight, and take all necessary precautions for their flight to take place without incident.


8.1. Check-In Deadlines (CID) vary from one airport to another. Passengers must imperatively comply with Check-In Deadlines, in order to facilitate their journey and avoid their Bookings being cancelled. The Carrier or its Authorised Agent shall provide Passengers with all requisite information on the Check-In Deadline for their first flight with the Carrier. If the Passenger’s journey includes subsequent flights, it is the Passenger’s responsibility to check that they are in possession of all the information relating to Check-In Deadlines for these flights.

8.2. Passengers must arrive sufficiently early before the flight, in order to be able to carry out all the necessary formalities for their journey; in any event, they must comply with the Check-In Deadline. Should the Passenger fail to do so or should the Passenger not present all the documents allowing them to be checked-in and therefore be unable to travel, the Carrier may cancel the Passenger's Booking, without any liability towards the Passenger.

8.3. Passengers must be present at the boarding gate prior to the boarding time specified at check-in. The Carrier may cancel a Passenger’s Booking if the Passenger is not present at the boarding gate at the latest by the boarding time specified to the Passenger, without any liability to the Passenger.

8.4. The Carrier may not be held liable in any way, in particular for any loss, damage or disbursement, if a Passenger has not complied with the conditions of this article.


At any boarding and/or connection point, the Carrier may refuse to transport a Passenger and their Baggage, if one or more of the following cases has occurred or is likely to occur:

(a) The Passenger has not complied with the applicable regulations.

(b) The carriage of the Passenger and/or of their Baggage may endanger security, health, hygiene or good order on board the aircraft, in particular if the Passenger uses intimidation, behaves abusively and/or insultingly or uses abusive and/or insulting language to passengers or the crew.

(c) The Passenger’s physical or mental state, including any condition caused by the consumption of alcohol or the use of drugs or medication, could present a hazard or risk to themselves, other Passengers, the crew or property.

(d) The Passenger has compromised security, order and/or discipline when checking in for the flight or, for connecting flights, during a previous flight and the Carrier has reason to believe that such conduct may be repeated.

(e) The Carrier has informed the Passenger in writing that the Carrier cannot transport the Passenger again on the flight or flights in question. In such cases, the cost of the unused Ticket will be refunded pursuant to Article 14 below, even if the Ticket is non refundable.

(f) The Passenger has refused to undergo the security checks as outlined, in particular, in Articles 10.1.3 and 18.6 below and/or has refused to provide proof of their identity.

(g) The Passenger is not in a position to prove that they are the person referred to in the "Passenger name" box on the Ticket.

(h) The Passenger (or the person who paid for the Ticket) has not paid the Gross Fare in force and/or the applicable Issue Fees and/or Taxes.

(i) The Passenger does not appear to be in possession of valid travel documents, has sought to illegally enter a territory during transit, has destroyed their travel documents during the flight, or has refused to allow copies thereof to be made and kept by the Carrier, or the Passenger’s travel documents are expired, incomplete in light of the regulations in force, or fraudulent (identity theft, forgery or counterfeiting of documents).

(j) The Ticket presented by the Passenger:

• was acquired fraudulently or purchased from an organisation other than the Carrier or its Authorised Agent, or
• has been reported as a stolen or lost document, or
• has been forged or counterfeited, or
• has a Flight Coupon that has been damaged or modified by someone other than the Carrier or its Authorised Agent.

(k) The Passenger refuses to pay an additional fare and/or the Administration Fees under the conditions specified in Article 3.4 above.

(l) The Passenger refuses to pay a surcharge under the conditions specified in Article 10 below.

(m) The Passenger has not complied with the instructions and regulations relating to security or safety.

(n) A Passenger benefitting from a fare reduction or a Fare that is subject to specific conditions is unable to provide the supporting documents required for the allocation of this specific Fare and refuses to pay the fare readjustment defined in Article 3.1 (i).

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