Air France's priority is to ensure the health and safety of its customers and staff in France and around the world. Since the emergence of the coronavirus COVID-19, we have put in place exceptional measures throughout our network to help you to adjust your travel plans.

1. Check your flight status

You can check your flight schedule in the Flight Status and you can also view all your trip details in My Trips.

2. Rebook policy to change, cancel or refund your ticket

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3. Information on coronavirus-related health measures

The health and safety of its customers and staff is Air France’s top priority. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the airline has been monitoring the evolution of the virus in real time and working closely with national and international health authorities.

Air France applies strict hygiene measures. Before each departure, whatever the destination, aircraft are thoroughly cleaned, including:
- The vacuuming of carpets and seats,
- The cleaning of all surfaces with which customers come into contact (tray table, armrest, screen, remote control, toilets, etc.) using approved disinfectants.
- The systematic renewal of blankets, distributed in a protective plastic film.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, pillows have been removed from short and medium-haul flights. On long-haul flights to/from areas with a risk of exposure, in addition to standard cleaning procedures, pillows are disinfected between each flight using an approved spray.

On each flight, crew members are also provided with:
- Cleansing wipes,
- Vinyl gloves,
- Disinfectant sprays,
- Protective masks,
- Cleaning kits (gloves + wipes).

Finally, all aircraft operated by Air France are equipped with an air recycling system. Cabin air is completely renewed more than 20 times per hour, which is a much higher rate than in accommodation or other closed ground environments.
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