Special Offers for Business Class

Great deals for your summer holidays!
Discover the comfort of a spacious seat-bed and exceptional service in Air France Business Class.

Departure period: 1st July, 2019 ~ 31st August, 2019
Booking period: until 15th April, 2019
Air France has designed a real cocoon in the sky. The seat adapts to the shape of each individual, from seating position to a real 2-metre long bed. Full Flat: The seat folds down into a full-flat bed (180°), for jet lag-free flying across time zones. Full Access: Direct access to the aisle, no matter where your seat is in the cabin. Full Privacy: The seat’s enveloping curves protect your personal space, creating a private bubble in the sky. The seat's soft foam is designed to offer impeccable quality of sleep. With a soft duvet and XXL-sized feather down pillow, everything has been designed to ensure peaceful sleep among the clouds. Each passenger has a wide 16-inch (41 cm) HD touch screen. On your flights from Paris to Seoul, new meals created by Korean chef Youn-Young Kim introduce you to the rich flavors of Asia!

Experience something special for your summer vacation, which starts from the moment you get onboard!

*Newest business class seats are available on AF261 & AF262 for Seoul-Paris route during summer schedule.
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※ Departure from Incheon, R/T, all-inclusive. IN/OUT cities can be different. Fares are subject to exchange fluctuations of the ticket issuance day. Tickets departing from Busan also available at the promotion fares. Please use the booking engine on the home page.

※ Fare Conditions (in Case of Z Class)
  • Minimum stay: 6 days or Sunday rule (Your departure for return flight shoulde be after the first Sunday at the destination)
  • Maximum stay: 1 month
  • Stopover: Not allowed
  • Flying Blue: 4 miles per each euro spent for Explorer (Korean Air SkyPass: 125%)
  • Change before/after departure: EUR 200
  • Refund before departure: EUR 400
  • Refund after departure: Not possible
  • In case of no-show for the first segment: No-refund & Change not possible 
  • Name change: Not possible
* Fare condifions are subject to each fare. Please carefully check them on the right side column while booking.
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