Group Travel

With Air France, groups can take advantage of special conditions and a tailored service, whether you´re travelling for business or pleasure, for sporting or cultural events.

From 10 or more passengers…

Air France offers you specific services to help you organize group travel.

A "group" is made up of at least 10 passengers (excluding children under 2 years) who travel together on the same flight, either on an outgoing or a return flight.

Benefits of booking a group

  • The same fare for all passengers in a group
  • Time to Think before you make your booking binding with a group contract
  • Flexibility in payment and cancellation conditions
  • Free name and passenger changes before tickets are issued
  • Add more passengers to a group later (the fare for added passengers may differ)
  • One group contract for Air France and partner flights (KLM, Hop etc)


  • If you make a group booking of ten or more people in this website, even with some separated bookings, your booking will be automatically cancelled. Please note that it may take us 3-4 weeks to process your refund after automatic cancelation of your group booking. Therefore you need to contact your travel agency to create a group booking.
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