The art of eating at the Grand Restaurant

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The art of eating at the Grand Restaurant

This restaurant from famous French chef Jean-François Piège explores great bourgeois cuisine. For a lyrical, gustatory odyssey.

Open the massive wrought-iron gate, and discover the kitchen and huge oval stove designed by the chef himself, around which the kitchen brigade bustles. The reception is warm and reassuring. This beautiful refined space of 200 square metres gives pride of place to American walnut and wood-printed concrete (designer: Gulla Jonsdottir).

Burgundies and northern Rhone Valleys dominate the wine cellar. The room seats 25 under a majestic glass ceiling, which exquisitely reflects the glint of Baccarat lights and the gleam of Kamachi modern Japanese dishware.

Piège's kitchen favours exudation with its modern simmered dishes and profusion of vines, truffles, chestnuts, full-bodied juices, and chips. Save space for exceptional pastry creations at the end.

Le Grand Restaurant
7, rue d'Aguesseau
75008 Paris

+33 (0)1 53 05 00 00

Menu: from 200 EUR