Air France - Sky Team

 Waiting takes on a new dimension with Air France and its partners.
Enjoy a unique experience in the private lounges reserved for our passengers. Air France´s partners invite you to make a date with the best in cutting-edge technology while relaxing in a cosy atmosphere.

Apple Sharp Clarins


Air France and Apple invite you to discover a virtual world showcasing the very best in the world of design and simplicity.

Air France has personally selected the iMac G5, offering quick and easy internet access. These highly attractive computers offer the latest in advanced technology. An incentive to log on to your e-mail account and your favourite favorite sites or simply browse the web.

A virtual escapade to add to the enjoyment of your trip.


Enjoy a new television experience on the newly-installed Sharp screens in Air France lounges.

As the leading supplier of LCD screens, Sharp transforms television sets into objects of design that perfectly suit the surroundings of our Air France lounges. Sharp´s elegant, streamlined ultra-flat screens provide images of remarkable quality, enabling you to watch sport programmes, keep abreast of the stock exchange, or watch any other programme of your choice in optimal conditions.


Clarins is offering a complimentary massage service in the Air France lounge in Terminals 2D and 2E at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

Amma is a traditional Japenese massage technique. Although non-therapeutic, it combats stress and energizes body and soul.
The Clarins amma massage is performed on fully-clothed and seated recipients and lasts around ten minutes. Performed by trained professionals, it stimulates the central nervous system and blood circulation and induces a profound sense of relaxation and well-being.

A highly pleasurable interlude for maximum travelling pleasure.

Please note that Amma massage is not recommanded for women during pregnancy, or for people with back problems or pacemakers.
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